Photographer:  Sam Soon

Photographer: Sam Soon


Isabel Bagsik

editor in chief & creative director

As a designer, I have an internal need to connect and create with purpose. My passion for design, community organizing, and conversations surrounding social issues fused together into what you now see as Brown Papaya. I had the privilege of getting to photograph, connect, interview, and interact with all those who were involved or supported this project. To them, I thank you.

instagram: @unconventionalbliss


Vianca Natividad

photographer & videographer

Hi, I'm Vianca Natividad! I am one of the photographers for the Brown Papaya magazine. I also edited all of the photos, and created a few fun videos showcasing our process and what the Brown Papaya movement is all about. It was really beautiful seeing so many Filipinx's together, sharing stories, and encouraging each other. The amount of talent that was gathered each day was amazing! Personally I was really moved because growing up I didn't have a lot of Filipino friends that weren't related to me. I literally had like, one close Filipino friend throughout high school and neither of us were insanely in touch with our culture. It's sad that I was surprised at how comfortable I felt surrounded by my own people, but after a few minutes of listening to everyone and meeting everyone I was on fire more than ever. I hope this magazine empowers others in the same way that I felt empowered capturing and editing these beauties!

instagram: @byvianca

Photographer: Louie Dean Natividad

Photographer: Louie Dean Natividad

Photographer: @picaitchu

Photographer: @picaitchu


Mikhael Oreiro


I was a photographer for the project. It was an eye-opening and sad experience to hear all these women being told that their appearances weren't good enough by their own parents and elders. I love the message of this project because it shows us that you are enough and that you should be comfortable in your own skin.

instagram: @mikhael.oreiro



Production assistant

As the production assistant, I helped with various parts of the project; from location scouting, providing transportation to the photoshoots, and ensuring the photoshoots ran smoothly. I believe in Brown Papaya’s message and always enjoy working with its creator, Isabel Bagsik. I am grateful to be a part of such an important and eye-opening project.

Photographer: Isabel Bagsik

Photographer: Isabel Bagsik